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Cleaner exhaust emissions are required by law. As of 2007, every over-the –road truck must have a Diesel Particulate Filter. Clean Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and manifolds are a necessity for peak operating performance while complying with strict government emissions regulations. 3 Star Radiator offers professional DPF maintenance in Miami Florida. Trust us for the regular maintenance and longevity of your DPF.

Servicing Miami, FL 3 Star Radiator offers specialized DPF cleaning for your vehicle. During our DPF cleaning process, particulate matter, or soot, buildup is removed and/or oxidized, restoring the efficiency of your Diesel Particulate Filter. At 3 Star Radiator, you can expect the best service every time. Our baking oven and vacuum/blast cabinet restores unrestricted flow to your clogged DPF or intake manifold. We meter test the flow rate of your DPF to ensure it meets factory specifications. Don’t wait for your truck to go into “limp” mode before you have your DPF serviced. Fuel savings will more than offset the cost to service your filter.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning & Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

DPF cleaning

DPF with soot and carbon contamination before the baking cycle

DPF Regeneration

DPF after the baking
cycle, all soot is
converted to ash

Clean Diesel Particulate Filters

Ash is then air blasted out the DPF. and is restored to original factory flow rates

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