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We service all types of heat exchangers, charge air coolers, aftercoolers, and fuel and oil coolers including tube and shell, removable bundle and plate and gasket units for pleasure crafts, mega yachts, and cruise and container ships located around the world. We have state-of-the-art cleaning technology using multiple cleaning techniques including ultrasonic cleaning! 

Ultrasonic Cleaning:

We maintain separate cleaning stations so that no cross-contamination occurs between the dissimilar metals today’s heat exchangers are built with (copper/brass, aluminum and stainless steel) and the different debris units get clogged with (scale, rust, grease/oil and soot).


Coolers are quickly restored to their original factory specifications, and we ensure the highest level of quality at a competitive price. At 3 Star, we understand our responsibility to deliver leak free coolers as our customer’s ships go far out to sea and our finished product must be completely dependable. 

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Heat Exchangers:

Our heat exchanger cleaning service ensures that your cooler has unrestricted raw water and coolant flow and will perform at original factory specifications. We disassemble all coolers, clean and pressure test the components, reassemble the units with new gaskets,
o-rings and zincs and then perform a second/final pressure test. After successful testing, heat exchangers are hand polished and painted to like-new condition.

Aftercoolers & Charge Air Coolers:

A clogged aftercooler or charge air cooler has a severe impact on fuel consumption and horsepower as well as producing noxious black smoke and soot. Our cleaning techniques deeply penetrate into the fins to remove this harmful build-up so your engine can breathe easily. The nominal cost of servicing a clogged unit is quickly recouped on increased fuel economy, turbo charger performance and horsepower. 

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Leak Repairs & Pressure Testing Services:

3 Star offers full leak repair service and can perform multiple pressure testing options including high-pressure testing, vacuum testing, hot water testing and nitrogen testing. These tests enable to locate and repair even the tiniest “champagne bubble” leaks. We use the best solders and latest leak repair techniques giving you the confidence to take your ship across oceans. 

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