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Our heavy equipment and power generation division provides the fastest response time to quickly solve all of your cooling system problems. At 3 Star, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment or generator running without interruptions, so we approach every job with the utmost importance. In addition to free pickup and delivery services, we can provide on-site generator service depending on the particular failure. 
New Radiator Cores:

We can build and install a new radiator core in your original rebuilt tanks and frame for equipment ranging  from small forklifts to large multi-section generators. We have numerous fin and tube patterns available allowing us to us match or exceed the cooling capacity of your existing radiator. We also have heavy-duty options built to function in the harshest of environments. 

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Rebuilds and Repairs:

We can perform repairs, rod-outs and rebuilds on your existing radiator. Your radiator is unsoldered or unbolted, all tubing is rodded out to restore maximum flow, the tanks and frame are rebuilt, any leaks are located and repaired and the unit is pressure tested as 100% leak free. This process restores your radiator to its original operating specifications. 

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Remote Mount Radiators:

Remote mount radiators provide the flexibility to mount the radiator away from the engine in situations where space is a concern. They are built to withstand the weather and can be installed outdoors on roof tops, courtyards or any other available outdoor space. We can design and build remote mount radiators, both horizontal and vertical, complete with the stand, fans, fan shroud and grill. 

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Leaks Repaired:

Our technicians are experts in soldering techniques required to repair all types of leaks. We use the highest quality materials to ensure our repairs last many years. Our customers rely on our failure-free service reputation when their heavy equipment or emergency back-up generator is needed to perform. 

Long-Life Fin Coating:

Our fin coating product, developed for use on off-shore oil rigs, will extend the service life of your cooling fins by up to 50%! We upgrade our standard fin corrosion warranty up to 3 years when the coating is applied.

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