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3 Star Radiator services all size trucks and buses, and our top priority is to keep your vehicles running cool under pressure. Given that most jobs can be completed the same or next day, our quick turnaround time maximizes the productivity of your vehicle. 
New Truck Radiators and Radiator Cores

We carry a full line of new truck radiators available in upgraded copper/brass construction and original style plastic and aluminum construction. For hard to find models, we can also install a new core in your rebuilt original tanks and frame which saves substantial time and money versus trying to find a new one. Based on our strong supplier relationships, we can custom source multiple fin and tube patterns that will match or exceed the cooling capacity of your existing radiator for a fraction of the dealer price. 

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Charge Air Coolers

We can repair or replace your aluminum charge air cooler and guarantee it to be leak-free. Brand new OEM charge air coolers have a 2 to 3% allowance for leakage when they leave the factory, robbing your vehicle of horse power and fuel economy. The nominal cost we charge to clean and test your charge air cooler is quickly earned back through fuel savings, increased turbo performance and horsepower. 

Fuel Tank Repairs and Coatings 

We remove all rust and debris from your tank, repair any leaks and install a coating inside the tank so it will never rust again. We have used the same tank coating product for the past two decades and our process ensures the coating will never peel off. 

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Radiator Repairs and Rebuilds

We are a full service repair facility and maintain large cleaning tanks and flush booths to service any size radiator. We also use the highest quality cleaning, testing and repair materials available in the market, ensuring long-term repairs that are finished to like-new condition. Our technicians are experts in soldering the repair techniques required to make your unit 100% leak free for many years. 

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