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Federal law requires all diesel vehicles and heavy equipment to have a DPFs and EGRs to meet cleaner exhaust emission standards. On-board filter regeneration only partially cleans the filter, and the regeneration process becomes less and less effective over time. Our cleaning service restores filters to original factory flow rates and can save you thousands compared to replacing a clogged filter! We service South Florida including Palm Beach County, Broward and Miami.

DPF Restoration:

We are one of the top DPF cleaning providers in Florida! We have created specialized DPF cleaning processes, specifically tailored for your industry's needs. Don’t let your engine to go into “limp” mode before you have your filter cleaned. A clogged filter can melt or crack over time, and it must be replaced with a new one that costs a few thousand dollars. 

How We Clean Your DPFs:

At 3 Star, we have a specialized DPF cleaning process:

  1. Evaluation: The serial number, vehicle mileage/hours and initial flow rate is recorded. 

  2. Disassembly: The DPF is removed from the exhaust assembly piping and any sensors are removed using specialized tools. 

  3. Baking: To convert the carbon/soot to ash we bake the filter for 6 – 8 hours at 1,100 degrees F. 

  4. Vacuum Cleaning: We mount your filter into our vacuum/blast cabinet and individually clean all filter cells of the residual ash. 

  5. Inspection: To ensure complete cleaning we observe the vacuum process using mirrors and video. 

  6. Restoration: After cleaning, we meter and record the flow rate of the filter and compare it to the flow rate for that filter in our database to make sure it is fully restored. 

  7. Reassembly: We reinstall the DPF and sensors in to your exhaust assembly. We can also install new gaskets. 

EGRs and Intake Manifolds:

EGRs and intake manifolds have become an integral part of today’s emissions systems and are subject to soot/carbon blockage. Our oven converts this soot to ash that can be easily removed. This method returns EGRs and manifolds to their original factory flow rate. Combined with a DPF service, the entire emissions system runs at maximum efficiency for fuel savings and increase engine performance. 

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