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We provide marine heat exchanger cleaning and Heat Exchanger repair in Miami, FL. 3 Star services all ports in the Tri-County area. We repair and restore your marine heat exchangers to original factory specifications. We understand the serious responsibility we have for delivering leak-free coolers on vessels going far out to sea.

Marine Heat Exchange Repair and Cleaning

Our Miami, FL heat exchanger cleaning service ensures your cooler has unrestricted raw and fresh water flow so it performs at original factory standards. Over the years, we have worked on all styles of heat exchangers including tube/shell, multi-plate and tube/fin units. We disassemble/reassemble all coolers using new gaskets and zincs. Every cooler is pressure tested as leak free before it leaves our shop. After testing, heat exchangers are hand finished, polished and painted to highest standards of workmanship.

Heat Exchanger Repair Miami
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