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We are a third-generation owner/operator (since 1908), currently cleaning DPF's for national waste companies, super market truck fleets, power company fleets, major truck dealerships and megayachts. We are diesel specialists certified with envirobake and enviroblast DPF cleaning equipment, have a well-trained professional staff and all waste properly is disposed and documented.

Company Qualifications:

  • Filters are initially evaluated, the serial number and vehicle mileage is recorded and the initial flow rate is meter tested.

  • DPF is removed from exhaust assembly piping. any sensors removed with special socket.

  • Filter is baked for between 6 and 8 hours at up to 1,100 f degrees to convert soot to ash.

  • Filter is mounted into vacuum/blast cabinet. Filter cells individually cleaned to remove ash.

  • Filter cells inspected with mirrors to ensure complete cleaning.

  • Filter ash disposed of.

  • Original flow rate restored and meter tested after cleaning.

  • DPF is installed into exhaust assembly. sensors reinstalled. option to install “restore ring” so DPF can be unbolted for future cleaning ease.

How we clean your DPF:

South Florida Truck DPF Cleaning

Additional Services:

We can help with shipping arrangements depending on location and help you locate a shop outside of the South Florida area to remove/reinstall your exhaust pipe/DPF.

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